Policies and procedures

  2. GOALS
    2. DETAILS
      1. Registration
      2. Fees
      3. Holidays
      4. Absenteeism
      5. Meals
      6. Materials
      7. Children who are not toilet-trained
      8. Mediacation and Illness
      9. Outings
  4. Security
  5. Dismissal policy
  6. Tax receiptst
  7. Educational Program
  8. Admission policy
  9. Parents Committee
  1. Philosophy

    The purpose of the daycare centre is to provide a warm relaxed environment combining love, security, protection and physical care.

    Social, emotional, intellectual, physical and creative growth are enhanced through exploration, manipulation, and experimentation.Through structured and free play the children will acquire and develop self-help skills, cooperation and self-esteem. A rich stimulating program with definite goals and objectives fosters the development of the total child.

  2. Goals

    The goals of the daycare are to provide opportunities for the development of physical growth, good mental health, intellectual and social growth for children in an atmosphere of caring and concern for all individuals. A planned program of activities that includes art, music, movement, drama, and field trips, is geared to meet the wants and needs of the group, as well as each individual child.

  3. Rules and regulation

    Au Coins Des Poupons Inc. is an educational daycare centre with qualified personnel to serve the needs of the child.

    The daycare accepts children from the age of 6 months to 4 years. It is open Monday to Friday from 06:30 to 18:00 hrs.

    1. Registration

      The registration forms must be filled by the parent (father, mother, or guardian).

      The payment for the first week must be given upon registration of the child. In addition, the weekly fee is due on the Monday of every week. If a parent wishes to pay bi-weekly or monthly, the amount must be paid in advance.

      The medical papers must be filled out by a doctor and submitted to the centre. The child had to have the required vaccinations prior to admittance.

    2. Fees

      Daycare fee per child - $41.25/week ($8.25 per day) payable by cheque or cash.

      Parents are expected to respects the closing time of the centre and must call in an emergency situation if a parent will be late picking up a child.

      If no parent shows up to pick up the child and the daycare is not informed, after 6:00 p.m., the parent and/or police will be called.

      Late: $5.00 per 10 minutes after closing time of the daycare, which is 18:00 hrs, there will be a charge of $1.00 for every additional minute. The fees are payable to the educator present.

    3. Holidays

      Parents are required to pay full fees on annual holidays.

      The following days are PAID although the daycare remains closed:
      Labour Day
      Thanksgiving Day
      Christmas Eve
      Christmas Day
      Boxing Day
      New Year's Eve
      New Year's Day
      Day after New Years
      Good Friday
      Easter Monday
      Victoria Day
      St. Jean Baptiste
      Canada Day (Floating Day at the discretion of the daycare)

    4. Absenteeism

      If the child is absent for any reason for any length of time, the days absent must be paid.

    5. Meals

      A menu cycle has been prepared by a professional dietician.

      The daycare will provide a morning snack between 6:30 – 8:00am, a full breakfast at 9:00am, a lunch at 11:30am and a snack at 3:00pm.

      A four week menu will be posted for parents.

      Children are not allowed to bring any food to the daycare.

      It is imperative that parents inform the centre of any food allergies that a child may have. If there if an allergy to a specific food item, the centre will make the appropriate replacement.

    6. Materials

      The child must have an:

      1)  apron or smock for painting
      2)  a complete change of clothing
      3)  a blanket if needed
      4)  tempra
      5)  zincofax

    7. Children should be dressed comfortably without being overdressed.  All clothing must be identified and a complete set left at the centre for an emergency.

      The daycare is not responsible for any lost clothing.

    8. Children who are not toilet-trained

      Parents are responsible to bring their own diapers.

    9. Medication and illness

      A medical certificate is required by law for each child registered, and is presented at the time a child is admitted to the centre.

      The daycare will not accept children who are infected or who present symptoms of infection or contagious disease.

      Depending on the seriousness of the illness the daycare will contact the parent, who must in return come and take the child.

      If the child is on medication, the parent must sign the medical note and must indicate the time and the amount of medication that must be given to the child.

      If your child is running a temperature at night, the child must be kept home until she/he is clear of fever for 24 hours.

      All staff members will present a certificate of good health and a negative tuberculin test before spending time in the daycare center

    10. Outings

      The daycare will organize outings 10 times a year. The parents will be advised in advance of these outings. If your child is not to participate in a particular field trip, it is the responsibility of the parents to inform the Director.

    11. Late payments

      The Director of the daycare will decide if a child will be accepted if the payments are not given on the due date.

  4. Security

    Children are not allowed to bring toys, candy, gum, or anything else into the daycare.  In addition, it is forbidden for the children to have money or anything else which may cause accidents to children who have this in their possession.

  5. Dismissal

    Immediate return policy of a child with a written notice

    The management of the daycare reserves the right to terminate the written service agreement and a prior notice of two weeks with the parent unless the safety or health of children received or staff managed care is threatened; (That said immediate deportation without notice or delay)

    · When a child is violent and aggressive after applying an intervention plan with parents and the parents do not cooperate in the implementation of the intervention plan and after observing the child for a period of one month. A meeting with the parent will be scheduled to discuss the interventions we have implemented and the results we have noticed. All will be given to the parent in writing. Subsequently, a meeting with the owner of the daycare will be scheduled to discuss the response plan to support and maintain the child in the daycare.

    · If the parent does not cooperate and that the safety and welfare of the child and other children in the nursery and the adults in the daycare are threatened, the daycare reserves the right to inform the Ministry of Family in writing the steps taken, the means implemented, the results and the possibility of expulsion of the child.

    · After observing the child for a period of one month having implemented the action plan

    · When a parent has a negative or aggressive attitude towards the care staff or other relatives;

    · When the parent fails to comply with the internal management of the daycare

    · Refusal of the parent to treat a sick child whose disease poses a risk to the health and safety of other children and / or day care staff;

    · Hygiene and cleanliness inadequate that persist even after discussion with the parent;

       more than 3 delays in pick up the child

    · When a parent does not fulfill its financial obligations after three written opinions; if the parent has delayed payment of care costs more than THREE times, or a check without funds return, the daycare will deny access to child care without further notice or delay.
  6. The parent must inform the daycare in case of change of address or telephone number at home or at work.

    Your cooperation in accordance with the regulations of Blue Sky Nursery inc. will help us to offer parents the best service and children the best care.

  7. Tax receipt

    A receipt for child care expenses will be issued at the latest by 28 February each year for federal income tax.

  8. Educational Program

    Each child is unique. The development of the child is a comprehensive, integrated process. The child is the first sound of developing agent. He learns through play. The collaboration between school staff and parents contributes to the harmonious development of the child.

    Daycare organizes a monthly output and shows for certain festivals to promote understanding of different themes by children.

  9. Admission policy in this order

    Admission Criteria in this order

    Our waiting list is made up as follows:

    - The child of an employee of the daycare is admitted priority;

    - The child of a family that already attending daycare;

    - The transffert of children aged 18 months to 3 years in the nursery au coin des poupons to Garderie au coin des poupons; (EX: Transfer of children who have 4yrs.)

    -Children Referred by parents who already attends the daycare;

    -Children Waiting chronologically registration list according to available places in differents age groups


    Registration takes place every February to March to form groups the following 1 September.

  10. Parents Committee

    Referring to Article 31 of the Act respecting educational childcare services for children, there are daycare parent committee counted five people elected by and among the parents of children who attend our daycare.

    Every year in September, management convenes in writing, all parents whose children are received at daycare, at a general meeting for which they elect their representatives to the committee (art. 33)

    The committee must gather at least four times a year or more as needed. The management shall convene all members in writing at least ten days before the date of the meeting and the topics to be treated. Once elected, the committee chooses among its members, a president and a secretary. The president leads meetings of the committee and the secretary keeps the minutes of meetings.

    To hold a meeting, a quorum of three members (Article 34)

    Management informed in writing, all parents holding these meetings and the decisions taken by the committee.

    The direction of the Garderie au Coin des Poupons retain all documents for 5 years on the committee, including notices of meetings and minutes of meetings, and meetings. (S.38)

    No committee member may not be prosecuted for an act done in good faith in the exercise of its functions. (S.39)

    The parent committee will be consulted on all aspects of the lives of children from the nursery, including:

    - the implementation of its educational approach;

    - The handling of complaints;

    - the acquisition and use of educational materials and equipment;

    - activities during the year;

    - Focusing or the change of location of the installation;

    - The layout and furnishings

    However the parents' committee holds an advisory role and no decision