Hi, my name is Voula and I've been the owner, manager and educator for the Pouponniere for 20 years! I have my diploma from Concordia University in Early Childhood Education. I have two teenage boys and have been married as long as the Pouponniere have been opened. It was a thrill and a privilege to have been able to raise thousands of children throughout those years. Don't try to find me in my office if you need me though, I am an educator on the floor playing and teaching my babies!

Hi my name is Louise and I am the mother of 3 children. I have been working for 15 years at Au Coin des Poupons wich has permitted me the magic of being young at heart. I am still amazed at seeing a child's first step or seeing their first tooth. My favorite moment will always be when they are first able to say my name! I love to console when they are unhappy, hurt or when they are not feeling well. One way or another I end up making them feel better!

My name is Mary, I have been working with the children for 8 and a half years. In January 2010, I acquired my attestation in Early Childhood Education. For me, working with children doesn't feel like a job, it's a pleasure. I love working with infants because I learn new things every day. Watching them grow up is a great joy. What is important to me is to take care of the children, attend to their needs and their safety. When a child says my name for the first time it gives me immense delight. Collaborating with the infants is a grand adventure, their first steps, their first words... That is why my profession is the best in the world!

My name is Clara Najarian, I am the mother of two wonderful children. I am a teacher with 20 years of experience. Since the beginning of my career I worked with new borns and children ages 2 to 4. I consider each child as a unique individual, therfore I always try to do my best to offer each child the best care needed. I also don't forget that play time is very important because it will enable them to grow and interact with their surroundings. I always try to show them affection and teach them new notions that will help them continue their path of love and friendship.

My name is Evy and I have been working at Au Coin des Poupons for 5 years now. I am a certified educator in the Early Childhood Education program. It is my pride and joy to be educating as well as spending time with your children. My main purpose is to ensure their safety and comfort. Working with children is my passion, not my job, hence me choosing this field and having a great job!

Hi, my name is Annick. I am a certified educator since 2003. I have been with the amazing team at Au Coin de Poupons since 2012. I am currently working with the 3 yr old group that i adore teaching and helping prepare for "big school". My group is filled with enthusiasm, independance and love!