Hi, my name is Voula and I've been the owner, manager and educator for the Pouponniere from 1991! I have my diploma from Concordia University in Early Childhood Education. I have two teenage boys and have been married as long as the Pouponniere have been opened. It was a thrill and a privilege to have been able to raise thousands of children throughout those years. Don't try to find me in my office if you need me though, I am an educator on the floor playing and teaching my babies!

My name is Clara.
I am an educator and I have 30 years of experience in my field. Since the beginning of my career, I have worked with infants and children aged 2 to 4 years. I consider each child to be a unique person, so I always try to do my best to provide each child with the best care possible. I don’t forget that playing at this age is of great importance. I always try to show them affection and teach them new concepts that will allow them to continue their path of love and friendship.
I’ve worked most of my life in this business, it looks like I was born to do this job. I learned some good life lessons while working at the daycare. I am happy to work with children. We work as a team with wonderful educators. We always give our 100% so that parents know that their children are in good hands with us.

Hi, my name is Angie. I have worked with children for fourteen years. I have been working at the daycare for three years now. I have experience working with children between the ages of newborn to twelve years old. I received my certificate in early childhood education from Champlain College. My profession has brought me the greatest happiness because I love working with children. I have had the pleasure of overseeing the development and improvements that your children have brought and it gives me great joy to see them grow over the years.

I am pleased to introduce myself; Dear Parents. I am Samia Bernine; the educator of the 2 year old group (24 months).
I have a lot of experience in childcare. It is a job that I love and that I do with great seriousness and continuity.
I will use my acquired skills for the greater good of your dear children, by offering them attractive, rich and creative activities, in a safe environment.
Your smile and that of your children are dear to me.

Hello my name is Mélanie,
I am a dynamic and smiling educator. I have my diploma in Childhood Education since 2007 and I have been working in this beautiful profession for 21 years already. I started working with the Ciel Bleu team in 2003 with the children of the 4-5 year old group and the time spent with them gives me a ray of sunshine every day. Being with these little ones gives me joy and makes me smile every day. Being myself the mother of a 12 year old girl who spent her early childhood at Coin des Poupons and who graduated from Ciel Bleu. I had the opportunity to work with different age groups and it was a pleasure. For the past year, I have been doing rotations and I do my best to help the children of the different groups in all aspects of their personality. What a great job to be an educator!
It’s a great pleasure to be part of this great team.

Hello, my name is Nikki and I have been a part of the Poupons team for 15 years, as well as Ciel Bleu. I have been fortunate to work with each age group. Currently, I work with the infant group, where I first started
my training. I, myself, am a mother of two children; a beautiful 10 year old girl and an adventurous little 3 year old boy who fill me with joy.
I graduated from Vanier College in Early Childhood Education and it allowed me to see and know the importance of education and the role of educators in young children’s lives. My goal is to create a safe environment, and a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere where children can explore, learn and develop to their full potential in all areas of development.
My objective for the end of the year is to meet the children’s needs, as well as to ensure that they are ready for the next stages of their learning.

My name is Zara and I have been an educator at Garderie Coin des Poupons for nine months already and it is always with great enthusiasm and a cheerful heart that I come every morning to find my little loves which make me laugh and make me happy by their different ways of understanding the world. I have 11 years of experience in the field of early childhood. I work with the group of 18-24 months and I can say that there is no better age because it is that of the discovery of many things until now that was unknown to them. I learn a lot from them by observing them in their different areas of learning. I am also the mother of 3 children aged between 10 and 15 years old.
I am passionate about soccer and traditional African dance and especially all causes concerning underprivileged children.

My name is Maria N. Vriniotis, I am the new educator at Garderie Coin Des Poupons/ Ciel Bleu. Here is a bit about me :) I finished my degree in Early Childhood Education from LaSalle College and am a qualified educator. I adore being around children as well as help shape their little minds for them to succeed in their future. I am eager to get to know you all and build meaningful relationships with all the. children.